17 September 2013

NailNation 3000 Baby Doll

Today I have the first of what I hope will be many polishes I'm swatching on behalf of Dazzled, a new, online indie nail polish retailer based right here in Hong Kong! Its founder, Denise, is a huge fan of indie polishes herself, and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to work with her and her new store, starting with a brand that's brand new to me--this is NailNation 3000 Baby Doll.

NailNation 3000 Baby Doll swatch

NailNation 3000 Baby Doll is a linear holographic polish in the sweetest shade of pinkish lavender. In bright, direct light, the holographic effect is gorgeous without being overt, and in room lighting, it becomes a soft lilac shimmer. Subtle and delicate and really, really pretty.

NailNation 3000 Baby Doll swatch

This is three coats of NailNation 3000 Baby Doll, which surprised me--I expected to need four, given how thin the first coat appeared, but it's a subtle colour, after all. After that first coat it built up nicely, and the formula was actually a breeze to work with. Very easy to spread and control, beautifully self-leveling, and a good drying time too.

NailNation 3000 Baby Doll swatch

Definitely happy with my first NailNation polish and looking forward to trying more! As I mentioned above, I swatched Baby Doll on behalf of Dazzled, which carries a great selection of NailNation and other indie polishes. Dazzled ships to Asia, as well as around the world...and between now and October 17th, readers of Did My Nails can get 10% off when you check out with the discount code dmn10!


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