09 September 2013

Bright Daisy Nail Art

Still loving Rimmel Hot Chilli Pepper but ready for a change, I embraced a rule that's served me pretty well so far: when in doubt, add flowers. I'd just spent some time thinking about all the summery and autumnish colours this fiery orange-red could pair with and had ideas for several different colour schemes, but in the end I decided to stay bold.

nail art flowers

These are very similar to the nail art daisies I did back in January (which is both my most popular post ever and the first manicure I ever did with acrylic paints). These are acrylic paints too, but where the effect of the first manicure is soft and sort of spring-y, the bright background and the bold, black leaves give this newer version a mod, late-60s kind of feel.

floral nail art

Totally a tiny detail, but I loved how it turned out--I had some yellow, gold, and red paints out that I was going to mix together with the white to make a colour for the centers of the flowers, but I decided not to blend them that much after all and just sort of dab my brush into them all before dotting on the centers. From a distance, I don't know how much of a difference it did or didn't make, but at least from close-up, I really liked the textured look it gave--almost kinda like real pollen!


  1. I love that rule "when I doubt, add flowers" I'm gonna start living by that ;) This turned out so pretty!

  2. This is so beautiful :)

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  4. I love how those daisys turned out! Looks great against the bright background, too!

  5. This is my fav nail art I have seen for the entire last mo...just stunning!

  6. So gorgeous, Elizabeth! Love the contrast of colors in it... they look wonderful together! :D

    ~ Yun


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