29 August 2013

Wayback Nails: Rainbow Jelly Sandwich

Nearly down to the wire again, but with a day or two left in August, it's time to post some Wayback Nails!

This time last year I was just back from the US with a ridiculous polish haul that included some real beauties from Tara and Brandi, two ladies whose fabulousness knows no bounds. Three of those polishes combined to make a glitter sandwich that I absolutely loved, and that's what I decided to revisit. This time, though, I switched it up just a little. I still used the spectacular NOPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie, but the jelly in this month's jelly sandwich is Jaded.

jelly sandwich manicure

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Jaded was part of my marginally saner Stateside haul this year, and I am so crazy about this minty jade colour! I'd totally forgotten, though--despite reading about it on Amandalandish--that it was a jelly. For daily wear, it's a bit too watery a jelly for me, and drying time was not awesome (I used three generous coats for the base), but for sandwiches, I'm gonna love it.

jelly sandwich nails

Last year's NOPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie sandwich had two coats of glitter, but that was over a neutral base. This time I went with just one to let more of the beautiful, milky jade colour show through as well. Of course, a final coat of the jelly on top of the glitter, and then I topped with one coat of SV. Loved the end result, and it got a nice compliment from Husband over dinner too!

Day two added another gift from Tara, butter LONDON Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat, which made me realize that I actually did a very similar manicure not long ago. Part of me wondered if I should start over with something else from last August, but honestly, rainbow glitter, matte finish, and a minty base? I'm frankly surprised it doesn't happen every other week around here.

matte jelly sandwich nails

I'm such a sucker for this combo!


  1. I really like it with the matte top coat. I used to not like the matte look but it is definitely growing on me. And I always seem to forget that you can do the sandwich with the jelly's.

  2. I wish I could get away with rainbow glitter, a matte finish, and a minty base every day too :) Best combo!

  3. I really love it with matte top coat! Great layering! I love minty bases for layering with glitters, too :)

  4. This is really pretty, but I especially love it with the matte top coat!

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  6. Such a beautiful combination! I love the look of the glitter!


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