20 August 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Chevrons

This week's TT theme is chevrons, which left the door wide open for nail art possibilities, but since it's still slow going on the nail front for me right now, I decided to stick with a more basic design and do some simple chevron tips.

chevron tip nails

In need of a pick-me-up, I pulled out some of the Halo Hues, which I always, always love. Even without any nail art or embellishment, they're a fantastic go-to choice for when you don't have a lot of time to invest in doing your nails but still want something eye-catching and fun.

So yeah, I started with a base of Color Club Miss Bliss, which once again covered quickly and beautifully in two coats, and when that was dry, I added chevron tips in Color Club Beyond. I thought about taping off the tips but just decided to freehand them--surprisingly, given how difficult I find it to draw a straight line, they weren't tricky at all!

chevron french manicure

Fortunately my nails have actually grown back quite a bit, which is a big yay! Unfortunately my bum wrist is making it pretty painful to be on the computer much at all (srsly, I'm gonna have to slap it in traction for the rest of the night and Tylenol up after typing this). Also unfortunately you can still see where I'm missing a good corner of that middle nail. But fortunately again, I have some ridiculously awesome polishes just waiting to be swatched, so I should have some real pretties coming up very soon!

Okay, Twinsies, what did the rest of y'all do with your chevrons? Hmm, it may just be the colours I picked, but these chevron tips actually remind me a little bit of hooves...then again, that may have something to do with the fact that I just started watching My Little Pony. Apparently I'm six years old because OMG, LOVE.

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  1. I didn't see hooves until you mentioned it! Lol

  2. Miss bliss is so pretty, your chevrons are cute!! You can't go wrong with holos :)

  3. Awh that's so pretty! Ugh I want all of your pretty holo's :P

  4. Love these, so simple, and they're so neat and smooth they look almost like nail-wraps!

  5. Love!!! When I used to have gel nails I would always do a chevron French tip, I love this look!

  6. MAN, the holo chevron. Definitely my kind of of chevron!

  7. Love the holo! These are really pretty!

  8. I didn't see hooves until you mentioned it! :-) Beautiful chevron and OMG beautiful holos! :-)

  9. OMG I was re-watching Friendship is Magic with my sister today!! XD
    Aww, I am really sorry that you are feeling so bad with your poor wrists!! :( I really hope that they feel better (I know that it is not something that just goes away, but I can wish!) *huge hugs!!!*
    Lovely nails, and I totally see the hooves! XD

  10. This looks FABULOUS! Holos make the best manis!

  11. I just caught up on your blog and, I mean, it's OK if you want to rock a simple chevron -- you can't be creating AMAZING nail art all the time! Sometimes it's good to take a break. :)

    I'm glad you're back and that you had a great trip! Next time, let me know if I can pick up anything for you that I can ship to where you'll be visiting, ok?

  12. I didn't see hooves until you mentioned it but these colors are fab! And nothing wrong with watching My Little Pony, embrace your inner child.

  13. Simple, but perfect!!! Love these two polishes together!


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