22 August 2013

Nubar Faded Jeans

I was all excited about my nails FINALLY growing out a little bit again. My latest Stateside haul of polishes has arrived, and I was just doing this one more thing before I took pictures of my nails today...and so of course it happened. I broke that same middle nail. AGAIN. I'm so furious I could...well, I could do some atrociously unladylike things that I'll refrain from describing because my grandmother reads this blog (Hi, Gam!).

So, in lieu of the nails I did today, please to enjoy swatches of a great polish I wore a couple of months back; another awesome Nubar, this is Faded Jeans.

Nubar Faded Jeans swatch

Nubar Faded Jeans is a beautiful light blue with just a bit of shimmer. The colour itself is actually a little brighter, more pigmented, than I would associate with a pair of faded jeans, but between the pretty sky blue and the subtle shimmer, it's a gorgeous shade. As for the formula, I'm wearing my customary three coats here, which I'd recommend to even out what seemed to be some streakiness, but especially after top coating, that wasn't a problem.

Nubar Faded Jeans swatch

If memory serves, Nubar Faded Jeans was released with two other blues, the three of which were good, though not exact, dupes of the popular Chanel Les Jeans trio.

Ugh, I miss those long nails so much right now! I have all these amazing polishes to swatch, and my nails just. keep. breaking. Pity me and my First World problems! ( >_<;)


  1. This is a stunning polish! Sorry about your break, I just cut down my nails because the corners were broken and I miss my long nails already! I feel your pain!!!

  2. Faded Jeans is beautiful! :-) If you could see the lenght (the shortness) of my nails in this very moment, I'm sure you would be very, very happy with yours! :-)

  3. These blues make my heart skip a beat!


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