27 August 2013

Dress Up 29 Suede

Or possibly, Dress Up Suede 29--I have no idea, but I'm so glad I stumbled across this line! I wore Dress Up's gorgeous gold back in the spring and loved it, and ever since I swatched my first one, the pretty purple, back in February, I've been looking forward to trying it out in teal.

Dress Up Suede 29 swatch

Still no clue where the brand Dress Up is from, but as much as I loved my first two of their suede polishes, I was saving this third bottle for something special. And, as bummed as I've been about my busted nails, it was totally time for a pick-me-up. Thankfully they're starting to grow back a little again...though last time I said that, I cracked a nail straight down the middle, so imma go knock some wood real quick...

Okay, back, and yes, I literally went to go knock on wood. With both hands. Anyway! Totally loved this polish! It's around US$10 a bottle, but the formula is just so, so awesome. Fully opaque in two coats (my three-coat compulsion kicked in, but it wasn't necessary at all), very easy to control, and great drying time. The brush on this one was wonky again, which is a bit disappointing, but just as with the gold, the easy formula overcame the brush without much trouble at all.

Dress Up 29 Suede swatch

My photographs might over-emphasize the platinum shimmer just a teeny bit, but as challenging as teal/turquoise can be to capture accurately, I think this is actually a good representation. Like Dress Up's other suede polishes, the matte finish was velvet-smooth to the touch, and combining this finish with teal was pretty much a guaranteed win in my book. Next time I'm in MongKok, I'm definitely going to hit up that little Konad shop for more of these amazing suedes!


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