30 July 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Something New

For this week's Twinsie Tuesday, the challenge was to try something new, whether that something is a colour, a brand, a nail art technique... For this week's Twinsie Tuesday theme, I learned how not to do acid wash nails.

I've had this technique on my to-try list for a while now, and I'm definitely going to be trying it again before too long. This time, though, I might have overcooked it by using too many polishes. The colours looked awesome lined up together in a row, but once they were all on my nails, it was juuuuust a bit thick. Definitely cool! But thick.

acid wash nails

I put way more layers into these than I needed to, starting two coats of Bandi Alpine White out of habit, just knowing there were some neon-ish shades to come. Totally unnecessary. Then OPI In My Back Pocket (orange) with a layer of SV so I hopefully wouldn't eat away too much polish (actually not a bad idea, that part). The rest were Essie Naughty Nautical (teal), Essie The More The Merrier (lime green, 2 coats), China Glaze Escaping Reality (hot pink) and, um...a black polish on top. Possibly Revlon Stiletto. Of course I had to let each coat dry before moving on, so this took pretty much forever (and made clean-up enough of a pain that my cuticle gap was more like a shipping lane). But once that was all done, I rubbed an acetone-dipped Q-Tip over parts of the nail so that it would eat away the layers to reveal the polishes underneath.

This is an awesome idea that I've seen look totally fabulous, and I love these colours together! I just need to maybe narrow them down by a couple next time and try not to get the layers so thick. And to be a little less controlled with my Q-Tip so that the "acid wash" looks more random and less spot-applied. But I think I've got the basics down at any rate, and I'm looking forward to trying this one again.

Also looking forward to seeing what the other Twinsies picked for their Something New!

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  1. I think these turned out really cute! The colors are all beautiful together! I always have problems with bits of cotton sticking to my nails with this technique, but I can't hardly get a brush to work for it because it takes too long! I love the acid wash look, though!

  2. I like this effect. I tried it before for halloween and it gave a rotting flesh look. Shame it was thick :(

  3. I love how this came out! I've never tried this technique but now I might have to :)

  4. This is so cool! I've never seen this before!

  5. This looks great! I did a whole rainbow once and it was soooo many layers!

  6. OK this is AWESOME! I'm always inspired by your nails Elizabeth ;-) You did a great job!

  7. This looks cool! I've never tried this technique.

  8. These are absolutely gorgeous, well done!

  9. Very cool!!!! I still haven't tried this yet!

  10. It's really looking cool!! Wow!!

  11. Thick or not, this is DEFINITELY FREAKING AMAZING!

  12. Amazing !!! I'm totally in love with this!! Love all the colors together :)

  13. cool technique, love this manicure :D

  14. This looks very cool! I've always wanted to try this.

  15. I've never tried this, but I'll have to, it looks soooo interesting and cool! :-)

  16. Ahhh I love this, Elizabeth! It looks so cool!

  17. For some reason, it reminds me of those popsicle ice cream stick with different colored layers. Looks cool!

  18. Fantastic job here. I actually had to stop and take another look it was that cool.

  19. Oh wow, tres cool!! I've never tried this technique before and now I'll have to! These turned out great!


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