09 July 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: International Edition

After celebrating America's birthday last Tuesday, the overseas Twinsies are calling the shots this week! Since I live in Hong Kong, I got to choose the theme for 1/3 of the group, and I went with Hong Kong symbols of good luck and fortune. These symbols include things like dragons and koi/goldfish and the number eight, tangerine bushes, and even the colours red and gold. Hopefully my group found something to play around with in there! Personally, I decided to try my hand at some good luck koi...

koi goldfish nail art

These started with a base of China Glaze Flying High, and then I used saran wrap to add some Nubar Mystique, Essie Naughty Nautical, and Orly Pretty Ugly. The little carp fishies are acrylic paint, and then I dabbed some Orly Sparkling Garbage (would have bought that one for the name alone, even if it weren't a teal glitter) into some of the empty spaces.

koi goldfish nail art

I hope the rest of the HK group enjoyed their manicures too (even if they did get the assignment kinda late...mea culpa, guys!), and I'm looking forward to seeing what the other groups had for their theme! Unfortunately it's probably going to be several days before I can get online again and peek--when these posts go up, I'll be just about halfway to the States. Posts may be a little erratic for the next month until I get back, but I'll be sure to check in when I can grab some time on the interwebs!

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  1. This is fantastic, the koi look really cool.

  2. These fish are just breathtaking.

  3. LOVE THIS!! The base is awesome and the koi are so adorable I can't even I love them :)

  4. Cute! I especially love the background you put them on!

  5. aww so cute i love all the different color details :)

  6. Amazing Koi fish!! I've been wanting to try these but I didn't think I would be able to pull it off!

  7. Beautiful base colour and saran wrap! Koi fishes are perfect! :-)

  8. We think on the same wavelength! I love yours!

  9. Love it!! I'm gonna try these one day =3

  10. Look at those little guys! They are adorable!

  11. I really need to try an actual koi fish mani. This is fantastic!

  12. love your koi fish against the water. I was too scared to attempt koi!

  13. Aw your koi look beautiful!! They're so cute!

  14. I love these pretty koi's - well done as usual :)

  15. This is adorable! And although I hate fish with a passion, I'd wear these nails any day!

  16. Sooooooooo cute! This is a great idea!


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