18 July 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Disney Inspired

OHAI! I'm totally late because it's Wednesday now! Big, ginormous apologies to my fellow Twinsies--I'm actually posting this one from the road...well, "on" the road...I'm mid-travels right now. I'm not in the street. I'm highly caffeinated too! Shocker. Deep breath, starting again, and...

This week's TT theme is Disney-inspired manicures, and I've been so excited about it! I've had all these visions of Princesses running through my head for weeks, just trying to narrow them down...and then I remembered a picture I've had on my camera for ages.

I took this about a year ago at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hollywood Hotel buffet, specifically because I thought it would make some cute nail art. At the time I was hoping I'd stick with nail art long enough to feel like I could do something similar on my nails, and WOW, does time fly. So while they aren't princess-y in the least and not at all what I'd originally had in mind when I started thinking about this TT theme, these nails were very directly Disney-inspired.

flower nail art

OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys makes for a great chocolate brown base (ooh, just remembered I used it as chocolate before, for my M&M nails!), and the flowers are acrylic paints. I was pretty psyched that I'd managed to mix up a pink this close--then I got even more psyched when I realized I'd inherited a practically perfect pink glitter match from my friend Ellen's stash purge, so the centers of the white flowers are dotted with butter LONDON Rosie Lee.

floral nail art

Overall they're a bit more "crowded" than the original Disney dessert, but I was pretty happy with how they turned out! And I'm sure my fellow Twinsies have a lot more actual "Disney" happening on their Disney-inspired nails, so please swing by and check 'em out. (^_^)

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  1. In love with the base colour. It is so rich

  2. I love this look! What a cool inspiration and you interpreted it beautifully.

  3. WOW! What a great take on your inspiration! I reeeeeally love this ♥.

  4. This is super cute! I think you did an excellent job.

  5. I wish I could do florals like this! Teach me your ways!! :)

  6. Haha, so fun to read - I love you mani, Elizabeth!

  7. Your flowers are amazing!!! Pretty mani!

  8. This looks amazing! Your flowers are gorgeous!

  9. You always have such gorgeous nails!!! :D Love!

  10. So gorgeous! And that design is lovely!

  11. These are gorgeous! I love your inspiration connection!

  12. Very cool to see your original inspiration! And the resulting mani is gorgeous! Of course. :)

  13. Perfect! :-) I really love the combination of colours! :-)

  14. Wow, your flowers are amazing. I am in awe!


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