19 July 2013

Dotted Daisies on Gumdrop

I'm really starting to enjoy combining nail art techniques! A few days ago I posted my Wayback nails for this month, where I swished an accent rose with my dotting tool on a saran wrap blended background. Well, today's nails are somewhat similar in principle, combining sponging and dotting to make some tiny daisies on a blended background that turned out to be a great look for summer!

dotting tool flower nail art

I started with a base of Orly Gumdrop, the latest member of my mint aqua/teal harem. I will never, ever have too many of these pretty, light teal polishes! Hmm, maybe after this trip I'll do a comparison post... No time now, though, I'm running so late as it is! Preparation, planning, thinking ahead? NOT my strong suits. Nor, apparently, is staying on topic...

So! After Gumdrop was dry, I tore a corner off of a makeup sponge (I like to tear it kinda rough and craggy) and used that to apply scattered patches of China Glaze Sunshine Pop, China Glaze Gaga For Green, and Jessica Mint Mojito Green.

dotting tool flower nails

Over the sponged background I added some tiny daisies with my dotting tool, using China Glaze White on White and more China Glaze Sunshine Pop, and when everything was dry, I topped them off with butter LONDON Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat. I was surprised--in a nice way--to see how totally seasonal I'd inadvertently gone with these nails! Short of specific holidays I don't seem to bother much with spring vs. autumn vs. whatever when it comes to polish, but it was kinda fun to find myself being seasonally appropriate for a change. It's definitely a real holiday today, though, as is every July 19th because...

Today is my grandmother's birthday! Happy Birthday, Gam! Who Loves Ya', Baby!  (^_^)


  1. This is so delicate and gorgeous! I love how everything blends together to create such a soft look.

  2. These are so beautiful! I love this design matted!

  3. Looks fab...I really like this and am not usually a big matte fan - but this so works matte...colors are great...love this green - it's a little dusty.

  4. Ooooh, Gumdrop is one of my favorite polishes ever. I think it was the first "non-muggle" color I got :) I love what you did with it here, combining these two techniques is genius! And happy bday to your grandma! :) I'm lucky to have my grandma with me still <3

  5. This is super sweet - love it Elizabeth!

  6. Love the 3D effect you created with the sponging! Such a pretty mani!

  7. This is so lovely! I love the bright colors you chose for this! :)

    ~ Yun

  8. This is really pretty! Love the sponged background :D

  9. Beautiful summer manicure, I love it! :-) Happy birthday to your grandmother! :-)


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