08 July 2013

CrowsToes Spring THIS! Pt. III

Today I have the last two polishes Lauri sent me from the CrowsToes Spring THIS! Collection, and no surprise, they are gorgeous. The first pair up was the shimmers, and the second two were micro-flakes. Today it's the glitters' turn!

CrowsToes Milquetoast swatch

First up is CrowsToes Milquetoast, which I am totally crushing on. This soft, sparkly crelly features a milky white base packed with medium copper and tiny golden glitters. I've seen it build beautifully in two or three coats, but since my VNL persistently overstays its welcome (especially in macro camera mode), I did two coats over one of OPI Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh?, a pale beige that's not far from my skin tone. Love, love, LOVE!

CrowsToes Milquetoast swatch

Some crelly/glitter mixes need a careful hand to look smooth and even, but Milquetoast goes on like butter. The glitter coverage is nice and even, and the pieces are beautifully suspended in the milky base.

Lauri could make a dozen more polishes like Milquetoast, and I would want them all. ^_^

Next up is another fabulous glitter, the polish I reached for first when I started swatching these and one that I received several spontaneous compliments on, CrowsToes Shoot the Butterfly.

CrowsToes Shoot the Butterfly swatch

Like Season of the Witch, this is an awesomely bold choice for a spring collection, and I didn't even realize until this minute how well it and Milquetoast complement each other! Shoot the Butterfly is a combination of medium orange and tiny platinum white glitters, suspended in a black jelly base. Less opaque than Milquetoast's crelly, Butterfly will still build to opacity at around three coats, but once again, I chose to layer. Shown here is about a coat and a half over Revlon Stiletto (black).

CrowsToes Shoot the Butterfly swatch

The first time I wore Shoot the Butterfly, I was at the mall downstairs, and one of the cashiers was so taken with my nails, she pulled them closer for a better look and kept demanding to know where I'd had them done and how much it cost (this seems to happen when I wear CrowsToes). The second time, someone whipped out her camera to take pictures of my hands and show a friend. It would appear that CrowsToes is a hit in Hong Kong!

CrowsToes Shoot the Butterfly

For bonus levels of awesome, Shoot the Butterfly reminds me of The Monarch, from The Venture Bros.


  1. I adore Milquetoast! So beautiful x

  2. Mwahahaha, The Monarch! Love The Venture Bros.!

  3. holy shit., they took pictures?!?? o.O

    and elizabeth - your pictures are FRAKKIN' GORGEOUS. seriously. WOW.

  4. Ah these glitters are beautiful!

  5. They are pretty both of them, but I prefer the first :)


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