05 July 2013

CrowsToes Spring THIS! Pt. II

Today I'm delighted to post two more of the polishes Lauri sent me from the CrowsToes Spring THIS! collection. In part one of Spring THIS!, I mentioned that in addition to her stunning glitters, Lauri also does beautiful duochromes and shimmers, and she continues to expand her repertoire with these gorgeous greens--they're absolutely packed with colour-shifting micro-flakes!

CrowsToes Green Thumb of Doom swatch

First up is CrowsToes Green Thumb of Doom, a bright, springtime green that's bursting with duochrome, micro-flakie goodness. These lemon-lime, shimmering flakes are suspended in a jellyish base that I've seen build to opacity in around 3 coats, but with my stubborn VNL, I layered two over Essie Mojito Madness and then sat back and goggled at the fabulousness.

CrowsToes Green Thumb of Doom swatch

This is such a great shade of green--a little bold but still soft and refreshing--perfect for a spring/summer polish! The way the light practically dances off these shimmering particles, they could easily be glassfleck, but sure enough, they're the tiniest flakies I've ever seen, shifting from lemon yellow to lime green, even hinting at an icy blue at extreme angles. I definitely recommend this polish if you have any fondness for greens, shimmers, duos, flakies, glassfleck, springtime, or things that are awesome.

CrowsToes Green Thumb of Doom swatch macro

Next up is CrowsToes Season of the Witch. It's also loaded with color-shifting micro-flakes, this time flashing from bright green to vibrant violet (even throwing in a little teal at some angles). Season of the Witch will build to opacity on its own, but I'm wearing two coats here over Revlon Stiletto.

CrowsToes Season of the Witch swatch

That shift is not shy in the slightest! I just love seeing a bold choice like this in a spring collection too. It may be dark, but there's nothing drab about it!

CrowsToes Season of the Witch swatch

I'd meant to have this post up several days ago but decided at the last minute to re-swatch this one because I wasn't sure my first pictures really did it justice. I could wax poetic fangirl about the fantastic formula and Lauri's artistic eye and the quality of her ingredients, but I think my thoughts on Season of the Witch are best conveyed by just posting this macro shot and pointing at it with my jaw slightly open, like so...

CrowsToes Season of the Witch swatch macro

Seriously, just...damn.

I have two more polishes to post from Spring THIS!, as well as a few others Lauri was sweet enough to send me, and my fingers are crossed SO HARD right now...like I did last summer, in a few days I'm heading to the States for about a month, and I have about 14 thousand things on my to-do list between now and then, including so. many. nail posts. Please wish me luck!!

CrowsToes can be found at several places online, including Llarowe and Overall Beauty. For more, and to keep up with CrowsToes news, you can check out Lauri's blog, the Polished Crow!


  1. I am absolutely swooning over both of these!

  2. Love the second one. I find it classy and very sexy on nails. This is perfect for any occasion or rather for everyday wear.

  3. They really are stunners both of them, lovely swatches!


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