12 July 2013

CrowsToes Merope

In addition to some of the Spring THIS! collection, Lauri also sent me some polishes from previous collections, and today I have swatches of Merope, from The Pleiades.

CrowsToes Merope swatch

Merope is a duochrome that flashes primarily vibrant plum to dusty denim. It also has--and I wish so hard I'd been able to capture this--a strong brick red at extreme angles. Yes, it will build to opacity, but it did seem a little stronger over black, which is how I'm wearing it here--two coats over Nfu Oh 132.

CrowsToes Merope swatch

I could not take my eyes off this polish! The duo shift is so dramatic, and the combination of it and the shimmering particles in Merope is just stunning. I'm definitely going to look up more of The Pleiades!

Merope, The Pleiades Collection, and other CrowsToes polishes are available at several online retailers, including Llarowe and Overall Beauty.


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