28 July 2013

CrowsToes Love Stinks

I have another one of Lauri's amazing shimmers today that she was kind enough to send me! Quite possibly the most luminously, awesomely electric pink in the history of pink-flavoured awesomeness, this is CrowsToes Love Stinks, from February's gorgeously sarcastic ValenCrows Collection.

CrowsToes Love Stinks swatch

Seriously?! Yes, seriously. This radiant pink contains the most jaw-droppingly electric shimmer I've ever seen, a bright blue that, on top of being literally dazzling already, also appears to have a fuchsia shift. It's so jam-packed that the shimmer seems to glow, looking almost three-dimensional, and I swear I need more superlatives to describe the total effect. It is le fabulous.

As with the other shimmers and duos of Lauri's that I've tried, CrowsToes Love Stinks can build to a nice opacity in two or three coats, but given my stubborn VNL, I decided to layer it. I'm wearing two coats here over OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips (Holland Collection), which is just about perfect for matching undies, but any bright, medium, or Barbie pink would be a great choice for layering.

CrowsToes Love Stinks swatch

I keep feeling like I should dial back the praise a little to keep from sounding biased or something, but honestly, if you think Love Stinks looks good in pictures, you should absolutely see it in real life. It is utterly freaking amazing.

In addition to Lauri's blog, you can also keep up with CrowsToes on Facebook now too! CrowsToes is available at several online retailers, including Llarowe and Overall Beauty.


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