28 June 2013

Wayback Nails: Saran Wrap in Grey

Hey, so that thing I was gonna do, where I get my Wayback Nails for June done before the month is almost over? Um...yeah. I swear, if there were an Olympic medal for procrastinating, I'd...probably miss the competition. But onward, to the manicure! Last month I revisited an early gradient from last May. For June's installment, the Wayback Machine landed on my very first saran wrap nails, a technique that quickly became--and remained--one of my nail art favourites.

saran wrap manicure

Similar to the lineup from that first time, I started these with a base of China Glaze Elephant Walk. Next, I dabbed on China Glaze White On White, Orly Dazzle (silver), Orly Sea Gurl (olive-charcoal metallic), Zoya Dove (light grey), and some Elephant Walk again; then I did a second pass with each of them to make sure it was all built up and blended.

I've started using fewer polishes for saran wrap manicures since I first did these. I feel like you can actually get a little more with a little less, but I still really like the mad, marble/stone look of all these greys mixed in together.

saran wrap nails

And because I did it last time, I had to hit these with some matte as well. This time I used butter LONDON Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat. A whole year, and I still can't decide whether I like it better matte or shiny!

matte saran wrap manicure

Trivia: I have officially lost count of the number of times I typed "saran warp" while writing up this post. >_<


  1. I LOVE this look. I've never been able to get the saran wrap technique to work.

  2. Gorgeous! I still need to try this technique!

  3. Looooove. I'm totally a sucker for grey too x_X;

  4. I love grey polishes, so this is awesome!

  5. I love grey and I love your saran wrap manicure, both shiny and matte! :-)

  6. It is absolutely gorgeous, it reminds me of a stone surface - so beautiful...

  7. These are so beautiful! I also love the plastic wrap method! :)

  8. Saran Wrap, Saran Wrap, Saran Wrap! I am loving this and these colors!

  9. Loving your saran "warp" mani! lol. It really is a fun technique!

  10. Looks like marbled camouflage, love it!


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