18 June 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Textured Nails

Textured nail polish has taken me completely by surprise. I didn't expect to like it nearly as much as I have, but I suppose in retrospect it shouldn't have come as such a shock. I haven't tried the China Glaze or other brands' collections that have more of a crème finish, but OPI Liquid Sand and Zoya Pixie Dust...they're matte, and they're glittery. Matte that sparkles. Twinkling, matte nail polish. What possessed me to think I might not adore them?!

I still have some more textured polishes to swatch, but for today's TT theme I wanted to see if I could manage some nail art and decided to go for leopard print.

textured leopard print nail art

The base is OPI Honey Ryder, from the Bond Girls Collection, and I can not wait to wear it again by itself soon because LOVE. On top of that I did some irregular dots of Zoya Stevie and OPI Tiffany Case (also from the Bond Girls) and then used OPI What Wizardry is This? to stipple the brown outlines and spots.

I haven't had a lot of practice with leopard print nail art, but I was quite happy with how these came out! The textured polishes weren't fussy at all to dot with, and I really liked the colours. There were a couple of spots where the texture got a bit raised because I went a little thick, so I'm not sure how these would have worn after a day or so, but I'm totally kicking myself for not top coating, at least as an experiment. My guess, it would have been SHINY. I like it this way, though, because of the way the finish totally works with the animal print to give it some literal texture and depth, just like in nature.

textured leopard print nails

Just like those gold, blue, and purple glitterleopards you find in nature.

Looking forward to seeing how my fellow Twinsies felt about their textured nails this week, and I'm super excited to welcome a fabulous new Twinsie, Heather from Peace, Love and Polish!

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  1. I loved honey rider too! It's a gorgeous gold! Your leopard looks so fun on top!

  2. Honey ryder is gorgeous. I can't believe I haven't seen it before

  3. Gorgeous! I love this design, and I definitely need to add Stevie to my collection!!

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! Totally awesome!! I love me some leopard and I'm always looking for more ways to wear it!

  5. I agree with Essie Rae - they do look fuzzy LOL
    This is a fun and different leopard mani, well done :)

  6. Amazing, from all animal prints the one that I love most is leopard! It looks great also done with textured polishes! :-) Great manicure! :-) I love the golden one, but for me the purple polish is gorgeous! :-)

  7. By far the coolest texture mani I've seen! And I was the same as you - didn't expect to love them, and now - MUST HAVE THEM ALL!

  8. This is beyond amazing! Absolutely loving this, Elizabeth!!

  9. This looks so awesome Elizabeth!!! Beautiful!

  10. Leave it to you to do a leopard texture! ;)

  11. That is really cool..nice job! ;)


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