25 June 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: The Beach

Today's TT theme is a manicure inspired by the beach! Dang, weren't we just doing Xmas nails?! Time seriously flies! For this theme I really wanted to try my hand at a fantastic beach design that Sarah did here at Chalkboard Nails last...whoa, last September already? Talk about time flying!

beach nail art

The water is a gradient of Bandi Snow White, Jessica Surfer Boyz 'n Berry, and Essie Where's My Chauffeur?, with those little waving ripples of light painted with an Orly Crisp White nail art striper polish. I'm super jealous of how nicely Sarah's sandy beach texture came out. My attempt didn't lean so much "sand" as it did "skin disease," so instead of Sarah's awesomely blended dotting, I did a sponged mixture of China Glaze Kalahari Kiss, China Glaze Fast Track, and I think I threw a little OPI Skull & Glossbones in there too somewhere, as well as some...not sure, was it OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons? Sorry, it's been a weird week, and precision was not the watchword this afternoon while I was finishing these. >_<

My favourite element of Sarah's design was that cute little starfish, so I had to include him as well. The body is OPI Red Lights Ahead...Where? (Dutch Collection), with little bumpy dots of OPI In My Back Pocket.

beach nail art

Thank you so much, Sarah, for the inspiration for these! This design really makes me want to go find a hammock and some palm trees and invest in a pina colada or four...

Looking forward to my fellow Twinsies' beach-inspired nails this week! And I jumped the gun last time out of the gate--this is Heather's first week with us, so welcome again, Heather!

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  1. I loved this on Chalkboard nails too! I really need to get round to trying it for myself.. however, I love your version of it too, very summery

  2. I really like the gradient. It's flawless

  3. Very pretty!!!! But of course, I'd expect nothing less from you ;-)

  4. I almost did this one! I even had done the gradient and everything then decided differently! It looks great!

  5. I love the water nails - well I love the entire mani :)

  6. I like the water part you did and the sand nails doesn't fall far from 'sand' to me. I think you did a good job at this.

  7. These look awesome! Those wave fingers are so cool!

  8. This mani is awesome Elizabeth!! You always rock these challenges!

  9. Hey it's okay that you jumped the gun :)
    I loved this mani when I saw it on CN, and I love it even more now! My favorite is the water!

  10. This looks awesome! That same Chalkboard Nails post was my inspiration too!

  11. I am so jelly! This is awesome! You always blow me out of the water with your nail skills E!

  12. Time seriously does fly! haha I love how you and Kelly used Sarah's mani for inspiration! The water and starfish looks awesome!

  13. Loooove this. Amazingly done!

  14. These are cute! I love the little starfish!

  15. what did you do on your thumb?

    1. I did sand: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/q81/1044135_10152968461405015_271272333_n.jpg


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