17 June 2013

OPI Cajun Shrimp

Last summer I asked my cousin what colour her fabulous pedi was. She told me it was OPI Cajun Shrimp, and I was thrilled to spot it in an airport XpresSpa on my way home! I couldn't wait to wear it...only when I got here, it went into the Big Box o' Untrieds, where it spent the past year just waiting its turn. Well, shame on me for taking so long to wear this polish because it is every bit as fabulous as I remembered.

OPI Cajun Shrimp swatch

This is three coats of OPI Cajun Shrimp, and the formula was typical OPI aces. I think part of the reason I dallied was that I wasn't certain about this shade with my skin tone... While my cousin has this gorgeously olive, tan complexion, I'm flat-out pastypale with alluring undertones of "hey, are those your veins?" Light, bright reds overpower me with ease. So, I wasn't sure that Cajun Shrimp and I would be the best match, and I was all set to tell it, "It's not you; it's me." Sometimes it's awesome being wrong!

On the first coat, I was all, "eh..." and not really that into it. Second coat was a lot better, and I thought we just might have something together. Third coat covered the last of the VNL, and I was smitten. I wanted to take it out for drinks, go antiquing together, and meet its parents.

OPI Cajun Shrimp swatch

OPI Cajun Shrimp was a hard one to catch on camera accurately (that flirty minx!), but I think I came close enough to be satisfied. It's a bright, bold, orange-y red that's just perfect for summer, but there's also a dash of coral to it, some pink or blue lurking under the surface somewhere that pulls it back from the edge of being just a bit little too much for me and turns it into utter gorgeousness.


  1. Pretty color - looks nice on your nails. :)

  2. Haha, sounds like we have the same color skintone. I will now enjoy using the term "pastypale" :) I just picked this color up a few weeks ago and I love how bright it is. I have such a hard time picking out reds and oranges with my skin!

  3. This is gorgeous! It is perfect for the summer!

  4. I've many a polish that shares the life cycle of CS. Beautiful red regardless of its hibernation.


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