28 May 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Spring to Summer

This week's TT theme is transitional shades from spring to summer, and for some reason, themes like this often end up being the hardest ones for me. I know there are such things as seasonal colours and polishes, and sometimes I even know what they are! But short of knowing when I can finally put the Christmas lights back up, actually paying attention to seasonal trends only ever really happens to me by accident. So, picking a specific shade that's not only seasonally appropriate but bridges the seasons? I pretty much stared at my Helmer and drew a blank.

I did have one quick, awesome choice, but it's a light, pretty teal...and that's my go-to shade for everything. So I gave it a little longer, mulled, spent way too long angsting over this simple question until almost in desperation, I reached blindly into my Big Box o' Untrieds and came out with...mint!

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet swatch

This is three coats of the crisp, creamy, beautiful Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet (which would be a ridiculously long moniker for royalty, let alone nail polish). Along with my long-time fave China Glaze Re-fresh Mint--which I totally would have spotted earlier if it weren't banished to my "only for nail art now because it's all gloopy and nearly gone" drawer--these bright, minty shades are a great choice for spring and summer! At least, as far as I know. But the softness of the pastel seems to have spring written all over it, and with a little bit of summer sun, I think it'd look amazing with a tan. Not that I can speak from any personal experience there, as the closest I ever get to "tan" is knocking out some of the blue... >_<

Why is it that the simple assignments always seem to flummox me? Do a crazy fish or a poison frog? I'll jump right in and give that a shot. Take things that don't match and make 'em work? I'll give it my best! But just picking a seasonally appropriate polish, for the time it actually is right now, gave me fits until I came up with Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet!

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet swatch

Wow, I really hope this theme came easier for my other Twinsies. I'm looking forward to seeing what they picked!

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  1. Such a delicious mint! I think the reason you get tripped up on the seemingly simple assignments is because you are such a creative person by nature...picking out A SINGLE COLOR does not make your clock tick, if ya know what I mean ;-)

  2. Love this color..mint has been such a great staple this year!

  3. I had a bit of a difficult time with this theme as well, which is why I opted for "nail art". love this color...now I'm wondering where I have it so I can use it.

  4. Love that mint color! It's super pretty on you! :-)

    ~ Yun

  5. This is such a pretty green!!! Love this on you!

  6. This is a beautiful polish, I need to buy this!

  7. Mint Sorbet is one of my faves and it looks absolutely fabulous on you! So perfect for Spring to Summer.

  8. I think this is a great choice! It's so funny that you and I literally have the reverse reaction to most challenges. I love challenges like these and hate the nail art; and we all know you rule the roost with the nail artistry ;)

  9. Absolutely love this shade!! haha I agree that this was challenging...

  10. Is it wrong I knew exactly which color this was before I even saw the bottle? :) This is one of my all-time favorite Sally's and I think it's a perfect choice!

  11. To previous poster - totally not a bad thing you knew it before the bottle because so did I! I bought this bottle for junior prom - my dress was sage so don't ask me why I bought it, but I wore them together anyways in a crazy moment of glory and I STILL LOVE THIS COLOR. I must wear it more often now.

  12. This color is so pretty! It seems like what appears to be the easiest challenge is always hard!


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