05 May 2013

Dress Up 38 Suede

A little while back, during my Purple Week, I tried a polish from Dress Up, a brand I'd never heard of before. 27 Suede was an impulse buy, but I was so smitten that I had to go back and grab a couple more...and then they promptly got lost in the vast wilderness that is my Big Box o' Untrieds. I finally unearthed the first of them this week, though, and once again, it's love.

Dress Up 38 Suede gold

Continuing this brand's poetic naming scheme, this is Dress Up 38 Suede (or Suede 38, really no idea), a matte golden polish with an insane silver/platinum shimmer. Just like 27, the bright, grape purple, 38 applied like butter and had a velvet-smooth finish. Unfortunately the brush was curled under and bent, making application something of a challenge, but it wasn't too bad since 38's foil-like, particulate formula was easy to control.

Dress Up 38 Suede gold

This is three coats of Dress Up 38 Suede. Perhaps I could have done just two with a better brush, but three was easy enough to manage and quick enough to dry, and it was well worth it to make sure that the coverage of this soft, neutral gold was nice and even. With all these particles ranging from platinum white to nearly copper, it makes me wonder what OPI Designer...de Better! might look like as a suede. And on the subject of the particles, macro shot!

I wore it all matte and velvet-y soft and loved it to bits, but before I took it off, I hit it with some top coat, just to see...turned out I wasn't ready to take it off yet after all.

Dress Up 38 Suede gold

I limited myself to just two of these on my second trip because I didn't want to go too crazy with them, but I'm thinking a little more crazy just might be in order.


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