23 April 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Polishes Chosen By...

For Twinsie Tuesday this week we're wearing polishes picked by someone else. Still glowing from his triumphant masterpiece, The Bee, Husband was very happy to help out again, not only choosing the polishes but giving me an assignment of his own. See, I mentioned this theme a few days ago, while he was out of town. The next morning at the airport he saw a whole shelf full of Disney Princess books and returned home with a concept, which he described to me thus: "The way Sleeping Beauty's dress changes from blue to pink. And also there's glitter."

Sleeping Beauty gradient manicure

I loved the idea immediately, and he got to work choosing the polishes. Revlon Colorstay Passionate Pink is really the only medium pink creme I own, so that was an easy pick. The blues were a little trickier, since most of mine lean either teal or grey. He liked Essie Bikini So Teeny and Essie Lapiz of Luxury, though, so those would be the two blues of Sleeping Beauty's original dress.

When he asked about glitter--because there was glitter on one of the books, and he's a magpie like me and likes when my nails are sparkly-- I'm afraid I took a little too much delight in overwhelming him with choices. Should it build to opacity, or was he thinking about a topper, and what size should the pieces be? Blue or pink like the cremes, a basic silver or gold, or did he want a third colour that would compliment? How about a multi-coloured glitter mix that would incorporate both? Should it be regular, matte, or holographic? Drowning in a sea of glitter choices, he eagerly grabbed the lifeline I threw him by showing him a great glitter with the perfect name for this project. Boom, China Glaze Fairy Dust.

Sleeping Beauty gradient nails

His idea wasn't that I would do the actual dress. He just wanted me to use the polishes he picked to illustrate the theme (so conceptual, this guy!), and I thought a gradient was the way to go, using the two blues and then fading in the pink at the bottom like fairy godmother Flora had just hit it with a "Make it pink!" Husband wasn't quite sold when he saw the gradient on its own, but I told him to wait until I put the glitter on top. He gave an optimistic, "Well, glitter does make everything better..." (and how much do I love having a husband who understands that simple truth?). Sure enough some Fairy Dust did the trick. Like it always does because it's freaking Fairy Dust.

Sleeping Beauty gradient nails with Fairy Dust

Huge thanks to Husband for getting so into the spirit with these! Once again, it was really fun to get to do something hobby-related together, and I love it when my technology/business guy lets his artistic side out to play. Still don't think he's going to enjoy polish shopping with me anytime soon, but a girl can dream. Actually, I kinda love it when he comes along because where I'd spend five minutes staring at two polishes and trying to decide, he just wails, "Aaugh, just get them both and let's go already!" Everybody wins.

PS: I totally want that princess book with the glitter on it. ^_^

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  1. Hahaha, your husband is too funny! Came out great!

  2. Aw definitely princess-y! Looks so beautiful. Wish I could recreate this on my nails as effectively. x

  3. really nice gradient! even better with glitter on top :)

  4. What a spectacular idea!! It's so pretty, glitter does make everything better that should be some kind of life lesson :P :)

  5. Ohhh this is sooo pretty - lovely combo!

  6. That is so cute Elizabeth! What a great guy! Your gradient is lovely, very Cinderella! And Fairy Dust is so magical.

  7. In love with this mani. I just received Bikini So Teeny as a present and can't wait to try it out

  8. Hahaha! I just smiled through that whole post. LOVE how your dear husband got so involved. And what a beautiful result!

  9. That's so funny that your husband picked this :) Gorgeous mani as always!

  10. Your husband did a great job with the color suggestions! This mani is sooo pretty! :-)

    ~ Yun


  12. I absolutely love this mani! It's so pretty. I really love the inspiration behind it too. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite princess and one of my favorite Disney movies.

  13. Love how he gets into it! This is beautiful!

  14. You two are adorable, as are your nails.

  15. Wow this is so pretty! Love it! You're so lucky to have a husband who will participate in things like this :-)

  16. Wow, this is very Sleeping Beauty like, very nice combo! Very pretty!

  17. Gorgeous! the colors look so great together!

  18. Everything about this post is fantastic and it may be my new favorite of yours! Well done. :)

  19. Your hubby's idea was awesome!!!! This is so pretty!!

  20. I love to read sweet stories about SOs :) My boyfriend is very supportive of my nail polish habit, even though he's not artistic in any way, but he enjoys that I paint my nails (AND that I stopped biting them). He is also a fan of nailart, and I think he loves skittles because he's always suggesting them (or maybe he just doesn't like when I'm struggling which shade to wear. "Just wear them all" lol)

    I think your hubby did great choosing the colors and concept, he seemed like he was really up to the challenge ;)

  21. Haha I enjoyed reading this so much! I love how it turned out :)

  22. ahhhh!! I love t his!! It turned out great!!

  23. Haha that's adorable! I love how the gradient turned out! Fantastic :)

  24. Love this! hehe my boyfriend loves the fact that I have pretty nails and he likes sparkles too!

    Am just wondering, is your CG Fairy Dust very thick/gloopy? cause mine is rather and it's kind of new! ):

  25. Those gradient nails look amazing! I still haven't given gradient a try on my own nails. :D

    Love from AU<3


  26. "The way Sleeping Beauty's dress changes from blue to pink. And also there's glitter" This made me laugh loud, immagining your husband who is trying to make it more difficult to you..! OMG, what a beautiful idea your husband had! :-) I adore Cinderella and I adore the final scene of the movie when little fairies change the colour of the dress arguing about it, something like "Pink!" "No, blue!" "No, pink!".. :-)
    The manicure is perfect! And also the kind of glitter you chose is perfect! :-)
    I showed this to my husband, he likes it very much and he immediately liked the idea, so he's trying to convince me that also I have to try to create something that he immagined... :-)

  27. I love this! Your gradient is gorgeous!

  28. This came out really pretty - I have the 2 Essie shades - not the Revlon but I have plenty of pinks similar and I do have Fairy Dust. I am going to give this a try when I get home from out of town (waaaaay too long surgery/post surgery/cancer treatment, etc). I am bummed because I am not with all my colors and not able to sort a few out to send in for the Zoya exchange program and pick up some shades I wanted...not like I need more!

  29. HGOUIHNGUIHNFRJK:GDNVO Seriously amazing!


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