20 December 2012

Glequin Christmas Trees

For months, ever since I started playing with nail art, I've been looking forward to trying some fun Christmas tree nails, and it's finally the season! The week, even!

glequin Christmas tree nail art

I was fortunate to receive two new items from Born Pretty Store to review, and I'm really pleased with how they worked together with this design. Details and more pics to follow, after the break!

The two items I selected for review were a set of 3 liner brushes and some of their loose nail glitter. Also known as glequins, the nail glitter came in 12 small pots, in a dozen different colours. I've seen them used on others' blogs, especially by Sammy at The Nailasaurus, and I was very excited to try them for myself.

nail art glitter glequins

The liner brushes were also something I specifically wanted to try. While they're probably intended for use with acrylic paints, they're also quite an economical alternative to buying a million different nail art striper polishes in colours you may only end up using a couple of times.

nail art liner brushes

Despite having a couple of white striper polishes already, after playing with all three brushes, I used the medium-sized one with some plain white polish (Bandi F802 Snow White) on a paper plate to stripe my swooshy Christmas trees over a background of Bandi F706 City Green.

Christmas tree nails

The ornaments are, of course, individual nail glitters, set in dots of clear top coat, which I also used a tiny bit of on the toothpick that I used to pick up and place them. They were surprisingly easy to handle, and I was pleasantly surprised at how flat they lay, even on my high-arching pinky nail.

Christmas tree nail art

I had such a great time doing these Christmas trees. At one point I realized I was actually biting the tip of my tongue, just like I used to do when I was younger and trying to concentrate on something in arts & crafts--that's exactly what playing with these reminded me of! Now I'm looking forward to seeing if I can come up with something fun to do with these for New Year's...

Born Pretty Store has given me a 10% discount code to share, GSL91, and they ship free worldwide with no minimum order.

*Some products provided for review...but you already knew that.

PS: This is the first of my scheduled posts for Christmas week because Husband and I are headed to Tokyo. Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. These are fabulously cute! I feel like you can make anything cute. Please never stop. :P And have fun in Tokyo!

  2. Awesome job! Enjoy Tokyo!

    And also: what blue creme are you wearing in the picture above?

  3. That looks fantastic! Simple but so cute ^^ You had a great idea here! :D I actually think I could recreate this! ^^

  4. Oh wow, this is just too cute!!! I love your little abstract tree!!

  5. These are really cute!!! I really like how you painted the trees :)

  6. Too cute! Love the use of the sequins.

  7. what a cool idea, this is absolutely gorgeous :D

  8. This is gorgeous! Love the little trees. Have fun in Tokyo!

  9. These are so cute, I love the idea! Have a fun time in Tokyo and happy holidays! :)

  10. Beautiful idea, so cute! Have fun in Tokyo! :-)

  11. Oh wow how pretty! Merry Christmas to you! :D

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