17 May 2012

Zoya Skylar and a Light Box

My husband and I spent the past few days out at Hong Kong Disneyland celebrating our anniversary and had a wonderful time! Continuing HK's recent dreary streak, we had a lot of rain, but since we've done the park tons of times, this mini-vacation was more about loafing around our room, watching the evening fireworks from our window, and stuffing ourselves stupid at the hotel buffet. The sun did come out for a few hours on Tuesday, and in between dragging Husband from ride to ride and waiting to melt in the insane heat like one of those guys at the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark," I found a minute to snap a picture of my new polish, Zoya Skylar.

Zoya Skylar swatch in daylight

Yes, I was actually carrying this bottle around the park with me. I'd been wearing Skylar for almost two days at this point and hadn't had any good sunlight to swatch it in yet, and that's when it finally hit me; it was time to build a light box.

I still have some tweaking to do--figuring out the best light placement, fiddling with my camera's white balance, etc., but I'm very happy with the results of just a few minutes' work!

Zoya Skylar light boxed

Skylar is a rich colour that can do quite a shift from soft light to daylight. Overall I'd say it's a soft denim blue with a nice hint of grey. It also has a lovely shimmer that's subtle but complex. The tiny particles are silvery, just barely verging on gold, and also lightly pink, which gives the blue some extra depth.

Zoya Skylar swatch

I had a little bit of trouble with the formula, but this is the first Zoya polish I've tried. Basically, when I applied it thinly it pulled and streaked, making it hard to lay down an even coat, but when I went thicker, it bubbled up like crazy as it dried. Fortunately a top coat of SV seemed to...I don't know if it smoothed them or ate them or what, but they totally disappeared. I've heard too many good things about Zoya and have a couple more new ones I'm looking forward to trying after Skylar, so I'm going to operate under the assumption that my problems with this one were an anomaly. They certainly won't stop me from wearing Skylar again!


  1. Very nice color! I like that a lot. I love Zoya! It's awesome...one of my favorite polish brands alongside OPI and Essie. Formula is typically really good w/ Zoya, that's too bad you had trouble w formula. Can't tell by the pics. Looks great on you!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I'm "supposed to" wear warmer colours, being strawberry-blonde, Celtic stock, but I'm so drawn to the cool blues these days. Skylar is an amazing shade. Even with the formula whatsis going on with my particular bottle, I'm still going to wear the pants off this one.

  2. YES! I too take my polishes on a trip when I haven't the time to photograph at home! Then it's all about being discreet in public, and explaining my way out of "why i'm in your garden, sir." =P Zoya is usually fantastic for me! I hope it was just a one-off; maybe a drop of thinner and a roll will do the trick, if it was thick/gloopy/streaky?
    Love Skylar on you btw; I asked the Zoya PR if they named it after the repulsive wife on Breaking Bad, and I never got a reply :P
    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!

    1. We had a great anniversary--thanks very much!

      Haha, I totally know what you mean. I built my light box mostly because I was getting sick of doing my nails around the sun's schedule but also because I think I was starting to be "that girl who shoves her hands in the bushes" around my apartment complex. >_<

  3. This colour is so fantastic!!!

    1. I really was impressed with it--formula problems or no, it landed squarely in my favourites basket. :)


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